Matt Browne

2 minute read

This blog series all kicked off from a conversation I was having with Adam Listek a while back about using a static site generator for creating a blog. He is a bit of a wizard with these things and put me on to Hugo. From the initial scan, it looked like a simple way, once it’s set up, to create a static site/blog from a few markdown files. This got me thinking!

Hugo just creates the static files for the site, but they are going to need to be hosted somewhere, and Hugo needs to run every time I create a new post. It started to feel like we needed a pipeline for this. Enter Azure DevOps! This is free for Open Source projects, which is perfect because I was planning to put the ‘code’ in GitHub anyway.

The only missing part is somewhere to host the site, which can be done very cheaply (possibly even free) and easily with an Azure App Service. It doesn’t have to be in Azure of course, but it fits nicely with what I’m doing, and the good part with all this is that we can swap out the parts without too much of an issue. The hosting, repo, build servers could all change in the future if needed. Let’s do it!

That’s what this series of posts is all about. ie blog posts on how I created this blog (very meta hey!)

Now have a ' BlogAsCode’ that I can edit and tweak etc, out of Visual Studio Code and/or GitHub. If you want to add/remove/correct anything in these post, feel free to submit a pull request for the repo on my GitHub account :)